by Jeff Mackey | 08.31.2011

This was my first attempt at shooting a crazybooth at a wedding, and everyone (including myself) had a so much fun! Autumn & Wesley (see engagement photos here) had such a brilliant idea. Instead of having the guests sign a typical guestbook, they had each family sign their names in a photo album. All of the guests then had their photos taken in the booth, and the photos will be placed in the album next to where they signed. Such a creative idea! Of course, we definitely had a few “repeat customers” that had their photos taken more than a few times.

This photo below may just be the most adorable photo I’ve ever taken.

Congrats to the bride and groom!

RAWR! haha.

This is a photo that every boy would love to have with his dad.

The band. I didn’t catch their name, but they were awesome.

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2 Responses to “Crazybooth”

  1. Rick Adams says:

    Great idea! Are you shooting weddings now? I’ve always had problems with high key photog. How did you light the background? And what did you use? White would be tough to keep clean with large numbers of people tredding through. Could you post a pic of your setup?

  2. Jeff Mackey says:

    Thanks Rick! This is actually a really simple setup. We were in a really small room (storage closet) so we had a really low white ceiling. We were also close to the walls that were also white. I decided when I saw where we were going to be that they would work really well as fill light. So, I just took 2 speedlights (one on each side) with wireless triggers, and I shot them straight up at the ceiling and the walls and ceiling took care of the rest. The backdrop is just 8′ or 9′ wide white paper. So, if it gets dirty, you just tear it, and start fresh. I was also only a few feet from them, so I had to shoot really wide…it was a really small room. I don’t think I took a picture of the setup. I’ll try to send you a sketch.

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